Fix Corrupted Registry And Improve Computer Performance

by Registry Repair

Fix Corrupted Registry Using The Proper Software. The Windows registry is one of the most important parts of the Windows operating system. It stores configuration settings for every user and the software installed on it.

For example, whenever you change the resolution of your monitor, the new resolution is stored or saved in the registry. That is how the operating system remembers to configure the monitor with the new resolution once you reboot the machine. The same holds true for settings saved by different software. Many software’s, such as games and utilities, will save their settings and other related information in the Windows Registry.

How To Fix Corrupted Registry And Improve Computer Performance

Fix Corrupted RegistryWith all the installations, un-installations of software, and the change of settings done by them and the user, the registry becomes bloated with time. Because the registry is a database, and occupies space on hard disk, larger size results in slower access of the settings, and consequent slowing of the general speed of the machine itself, as felt by the user.

Another problem is that some malicious or badly written software may corrupt the registry. This is not a problem with virus as such, and thus is not removed by most anti-virus software.

For example, if some software changes the desktop resolution of the monitor by mistake, it will become impossible for the operating system to start properly. In this case, the user will only see a something akin to a blank screen whenever they start their machine.

How to Fix Corrupted Registry

It is quite non-trivial to fix corrupted registry. Just as clearing a virus from your computer is almost impossible without the right anti-virus software, in many instances, recovering from a corrupted and bloated registry is impossible without software that are made for that purpose. These registry cleaners, as they are known, will have a number of features that help fix corrupted registry, and recover the computer to a functioning state.

They have features that clean the registry from bloated information that has been superfluously added over the years. They also help with defragmentation of the registry, which increases its access time, speeding up the system. This speedup is over and above the speedup that is made possible by cleaning the registry of superfluous keys and data.

Registry cleaners also help with backup and recovery of the registry, which is one of the recommended ways to recover your system settings. One of the most versatile registry cleaning programs available is produced by the premier computer software company ACA Utilities and one of their best products you can find right here at Registry Clean and Repair which is a program that can fix corrupted registry no matter how severe the damage.

Perform A System Backup Before Attempting To Fix Corrupted Registry

Microsoft recommends that you should backup your Windows registry from time to time. If the registry becomes corrupt at some point later, the user can then restore the system to one of these backup copies. You can do the backup manually too the different versions of Windows, such as XP, Vista and Windows 7 have different ways of doing that. But it is easier to do it using the registry cleaner programs, as the better ones support this facility.

Whether you do it manually or use a software, backing up the registry, and to know how to recover from it, are some of the most essential security and maintenance jobs for any user.

A functioning registry is essential for a functioning Windows computer system, and a well kept one makes it run faster. All this can be made sure by using tools that fix corrupted registry and help the computer run properly.

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