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PC Repair Software  Can Help You To Avoid The Cost Of A PC Repair Tech! Although the PC is now as commonly seen in the home as a TV, they are so complex that, when something goes wrong, it can be difficult to know what to do. If something went wrong with one’s TV set, it would either be replaced or sent to a TV repair shop.

However, with the relatively expensive cost a PC repair technician would charge, many people are now instead opting to use PC Diagnostic Software.

In its most simple form, a PC is simply a collection of compatible hardware (a motherboard, RAM, hard disk etc.) with an operating system and software on it.

The range of problems that can occur start with hardware issues—for example faulty memory (RAM)—problems affecting the whole operating system or issues with a specific piece of software. A good piece of PC Repair Software such as registry cleaners can look at all of these problems, whereas some cheaper alternatives will look at only a selection.

Using PC Repair Software to Determine the Cause of an Issue

PC Repair SoftwareWhen attempting to diagnose a fault – for example, the computer keeps randomly crashing – the first thing to do would be to use a piece of PC repair software to attempt to diagnose the fault.

By downloading a PC hardware diagnostics tool and running it, you will be presented with information about how the CPU is performing, if the computer is overheating, if there is a memory issue etc. If there is an obviously faulty part, the simple solution is to purchase a replacement and swap it.

If nothing appears to be at fault with the hardware, the likelihood is that there is an operating system or software issue. There are a range of tools available to help with issues such as registry cleaners, anti-malware software and simple PC optimization software.

In most cases a good registry cleaner such as Registry Easy will more than just solve the issue, Registry Easy will completely optimize your system and your PC will run like the day you bought it.

There are more expensive software programs available such as RegClean which is an excellent PC repair toolkit but in a lot of cases you might be able to get away with using a less expensive product.

We have computers that are still running Windows XP that have just about maxed out their RAM and yet they run as good as our newer systems running Windows 7 because we use Registry Easy for periodic maintenance. If you are experiencing any issues with your PC I would bet that Registry Easy could have it running like new in no time.

Using PC Repair Software to Optimize the Operating System

If you are using Windows, one of the most common problems relates to a corrupt registry; and in fact, many pieces of malware store data in the registry to ensure they are loaded every time the computer boots. This means that a clean registry can resolve many common problems.

If you are unable to boot the PC at all, you may have to download a registry cleaner on another PC, burn it to disc and boot the malfunctioning one in safe mode.

To do this, when the computer is booting, in the very early stages, keep pressing F8 on your keyboard. After a few seconds, a text-based menu will be displayed. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight the option for safe mode and then press enter.

After the computer has booted, run the PC repair software to remove malware and clean the registry. If you have picked a good quality piece of PC repair software, it is likely to fix any lingering problems and enable you to continue to enjoy using your PC.

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