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Registry Fix Review I have mentioned this a few times throughout the other articles on the site but once again out of the dozens or registry cleaners that we tested we narrowed our choices down to what we considered to be the best based upon the criteria we had set for our testing.

We ran Registry Fix through the exact same testing as we did the other programs and it performed well on the majority of our tests.

I will explain the basic operations of the registry as well as some signs you should be aware of that would let you know if your system’s registry could be the culprit.

However before I go into the inner working of a computer’s registry I must point out that it is best to purchase a reputable registry cleaner as soon as you purchase your new computer because in the end there is no way of getting around the fact that at some point down the road you will need one.

You are obviously reading this article so that means one of two things, you just bought a new computer and you are now looking for a good registry cleaner to help keep it maintained right from the start or two, you have had your computer for a while and it is giving you some problems.

Either way I applaud you for being a smart consumer.

I can tell that you are a smart consumer because unlike most you came across a product that looks good but instead of just purchasing it on the spot you took a proactive stance and most likely typed in a search for Registry Fix Review which landed you on this site.

If you read the first page on this site you would understand our reason for putting this site up. You see my sister was having computer problems, nothing major at all it was just running a little slow and she was a little frustrated because she found herself waiting around for programs to open and close and her high speed Internet connection was not working as it had.

Now this is the part that upsets me, I am two semesters away from having a BS in computer engineering and she does not call me for help instead she downloaded a “Free Scan” from a site that she never checked out and she paid the ultimate price. The registry cleaner that she used corrupted her files and hard-drive so badly that I could not recover anything.

I then tried to get someone from the website that she used to contact me but after many failed attempts I just gave up. That was the event that led to myself and a group of friends to go on a quest to expose as many of these scam registry cleaning sites as we could.

Registry Fix Review Did Registry Fix Stand Up To Our Testing?

Registry Fix ReviewJust a little background on what the registry is and what it does. First and most important is the registry is the link that connects your Windows Operating system to the hard-drive allowing for your computer to properly read and run the programs that make up your system.

The registry is where all the commands and files are stored and when your computer is brand new all the files are in perfect order but after just a few months of regular use these files will be scattered all over the registry. We based the results of our Registry Fix Review on the same criteria as the other registry cleaners.

Okay back to the function of the registry. Not only are the files out of order your registry will end up with clusters of junk files, old programs and a host of other entries which in the end can slow your computer down, cause it to freeze up and it may just start shutting itself down at times. If you allow the registry to become so distorted it could ultimately crash the hard-drive.

Our Registry Fix Review showed that the program was capable of fixing the majority of your average problems caused by a cluttered registry but in some of the more stringent test we ran it was a bit limited i the problems that it could resolve.

Having said that we still found Registry Fix to be a very good program and if you were to use this program from the start to keep your computer maintained the chances are very good that you would never experience any of the serious problems that we manufactured on our test computers.

Registry Fix Review Performed Excellent As A Maintenance Program

This was the main reason that we added Registry Fix to our top three list, if you were to use this program from day one it would keep your computer running at peak performance and it would eliminate the chances of damaging your registry as described above.

The strongest warning I would have for anyone looking to purchase a registry cleaner online would be to make sure you are 100% certain that the program you are interested in is not a scam product. This is why we have written this registry fix review along with the reviews for the other registry cleaners.

In a lot of cases people get mesmerized by a websites appearance and they just naturally assume that the product must be a quality product. During our review of Registry Fix and the other two registry cleaners on this site we found dozens of sites that were scam sites.

What they do is put up a decent, professional looking website and then they offer a Free Scan and in some cases the scan would just collect your personal data but in other cases it added spyware to our test computers and in the worst cases it crashed our hard-drives.

Bottom line, if you use a program like Registry Fix right from the start you will most likely never experience any problems. However if you are already experiencing some of the more serious issues I mentioned above you would be better off using a program like Registry Easy as our tests proved it to be the most effective in those situations based on its cost. That is not to take anything away from our Registry Fix Review because that is still a very good registry cleaner and it is perfect for regular maintenance.

Registry Fix Review Summary Recommended For Regular Registry Maintenance Visit Official Registry Fix Site.

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